Automatic water meter is getting smarter

Automatic water meter


Automatic water meter is getting smarter


Since December 2017, Westcontrol and IVAR have tested automatic water meters in a housing area at Hjelmeland. The results are positive. 


Reduced water consumption and the ability to locate problem areas in the water and sewage networks will be of great value for the municipality, the waterworks and the inhabitants. Leakages can be detected quicker, large expansions can be postponed and residents receive invoices based on actual consumption.


The project is a collaboration between Westcontrol, Telia Norway and IVAR with support from Innovation Norway through the Environmental Technology Scheme. A number of municipalities and other actors have already voiced their interest.


Unique flexibility provides multiple applications


The technology that has been developed has several use-cases. In areas with spread housing, Westcontrol’s own reading device can be connected to the water meter and send data via a gateway to a base station. In densely populated areas or blocks, a shared gateway can retrieve data from various water meters and send it to the base station. This is done via the so-called Wireless M-Bus, which makes it easy to gather data from many different manufacturers.


In recent months we have also done tests in more unpleasant areas. The results show that the signal reaches its destination despite moisture and dirt, concrete and other obstacles. This opens new possibilities for monitoring water pipes or other systems.


When the technology is now fully developed, efforts are made to make the product ready for the market. The goal is to have equipment in operation with customers already in 2018.