Development / Prototyping / 0-series

Our experience enables us to develop complete solutions from electronic design to finished, machined and varnished products.

Electronic productions

WESTCONTROL produces electronics and assembles everything from mass produced consumer electronics to products that are used in demanding environments.

CNC / Machining

Our experience and skilled co-workers can mill and turn parts in POM, aluminium, brass, bronze, stainless steel and acid fast steel according to your requirements and specifications.


In recent years, more of our customers In recent years, more of our customers have elected to allow WESTCONTROL to take care of the work concerning assembling, testing and packing of their products

Testing / EMC Lab

We can do a number of different tests, and we have test equipment for temperature, pressure, test benches, automatic and manual inspections.


The automation department has extensive and solid experience in process management and machine automation. We have delivered solutions to a number of industries such as stamping mills, power production, fish farming, industry, as well as oil and gas.